The Night Owl- Nashville’s Gem

We here at Padamn have taken on the role as official-unofficial spokespersons over the years (PBR: It’s Acceptable!!and of course Stagg musical equipment)…and now we want to make sure all our people’s know about the best little spot in Nashville- The Night Owl.

We have had the pleasure of playing there several times over the last couple of years, just last week choosing to celebrate the release of our album there, in fact, and have really come to love it. There are few places left in Nashville that are as authentic; a place that loves music, musicians, and the people who come to see it. It’s just, easy and simple, which is becoming harder to find in a town that has so many pay-for-play spots. For musicians you have to love a well lit, well maintained stage- one that gives you the choices and freedom to play your music the way you want.

From a customer’s perspective it’s even better. Full bar and full menu that is shockingly reasonably priced, clean and smoke free inside, plenty of seating both high and low. Take a look at their calendar and you’ll see there’s almost always something going on. Best of all, Randy and his staff are friendly, approachable, and accommodating.

Padamn have agreed among ourselves that The Night Owl is our favorite spot in town, both to play and to, well, play. Every time we have invited other bands to perform on our bill there we hear the same thing from them as well; “this place is amazing!” We want to encourage everyone to stop by Nashville’s best kept bar and check them out.


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