2016Welcome to 2016!!!
PADAMN!… I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the highlights for the band in 2015. It’s tough being a loud little band in a music scene that’s growing in an almost out of control fashion. Nashville, am I right folks? But regardless of the competition, lack of roadies, and general confusion we all seem to wander in, we’ve still had a great time. Here’s a quick look back at the last year and the people and places that made it special.Borostock15
We spent a lot of time in Murfreesboro in 2015 at The Boro Bar and Grill and Wall Street venues. We played with some great bands like Whiskey and Rockets, Quixote Fugly, Aye Mammoth, and Ashes of Folly.
Back in Nashville, we were honored to play the benefit show for Cult Fiction in May and it was a bummer the venue wasn’t able to get on its feet. Still though, a great show with some amazing acts. If  you missed us taking the stage after a burlesque act stripped, well I just feel for ya.cultfiction
Boro Stock was a blast back in the ‘Boro in August. We played with some great acts and enjoyed the always-fun Boro crowd.band3
Halloween provided some more fun at The Boro with some of the scariest face paint I’ve seen in a show. Wow, Ant. Just…Wow.
We wrapped up our year by heating up a cool November night with Whiskey and Rockets and Ashes of Folly. Great bands and the folks at The Night Owl were super gracious hosts.
The new year is, as always, really exciting for the band. We’re a permanent four-piece now and super happy to have Mike on-board. this year will be our four-year anniversary as a band. Huh…Four and Four? Four on the Floor? I’m sure we’ll come up with something stupid. adamike1
We’re going to make a huge effort to finally get our music recorded and of course, play some kick-ass shows. We’re always grateful for the support and love our family and friends show us and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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  1. ***So, just a quick edit/note regarding this piece; Shortly after the posting, Mike Daugherty unfortunately left the band. Thankfully it was on good terms (he’s a great guy and we’ll miss him) as he just has too much on his plate to give serious time to Padamn. We respected his wishes and have quietly removed him from the permanent line-up.

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