Welcome To PADAMN!


Allow us to melt your face with our smooth, yet potent recipe for non-dairy-gluten-free-low-calorie-high-energy rock n’ roll. It may sting a little at first, but you’ll come to love it.

Here you will find our upcoming show schedule, links to videos, and our latest tracks available for streaming. Interested in having us at your place? Contact us and we’ll come running, like it or not.

Check us out on Facebook and join the PADAMN! Family, follow us on Twitter for neck-breaking news, and subscribe to our Youtube Channel for the latest moving pictures.



  1. J Dog: you must know that everything is a democratic process in PADAMN!. Your request has been collected, submitted, and is currently being argued by pro-groupie lobbyists in the PADMAN! Senate. C-SPAN 4 will have more information as the votes are collected and cast, but there are those PADAMN! insiders that say the measure is not likely to pass. That’s politics for ya.

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